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DAF warns social distancing measures could cause 90% slump in output and vastly increase...

Social distancing regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic look set to have far-reaching implications for European truck manufacturers.

Goods entering EU will need customs checks even if trade deal agreed

Goods entering the European Union from January will be subject to full border customs checks, regardless of whether or not a trade...
Mini Clipper Warehousing

“Hauliers without warehousing could struggle,” claims Miniclipper Logistics MD

Palletline member Miniclipper Logistics has admitted volumes have not been hit as badly as expected by the COVID-19 pandemic but that companies...

BMW hops on Toyota’s hydrogen bandwagon with fuel cell powertrain

It appears clear at this stage that while most of the developed world is moving toward battery-electric vehicles, Japan and South Korea...

Aston seals funds for DBX production, but issues long-term warning

by Mark Tisshaw30 March 2020 Aston Martin claims it now has the funding to...

Uber loses licence to operate in London

TfL says Uber is not “fit and proper” to operate in the city due to “several breaches that placed passengers… at risk” Uber...

France ditches plans for Heavy Vehicle Transit Tax

France’s plan to swap the failed Ecotaxe road user charging system with a new Heavy Vehicle Transit Tax early next year have been scrapped indefinitely. The decision...

Europa Worldwide welcomes apprenticeship change but wants more done to tackle the skills shortage

Government plans to cut the cost of apprenticeship training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are welcome but more needs to be done to...

RHA to represent operators in truck cartel compensation action

The RHA is to launch legal action against the major truck manufacturers, after they were found guilty by the European Commission of price fixing and fined €2.9bn (£2.5bn). The...

Work on Cleveland Bridge will add 50 miles to journeys

Bath City Council has been urged to complete repair work on the A36 Cleveland Bridge as soon as possible after a diversion was put...

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