New Iveco S-Way revealed to replace Stralis


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05/07/2019 in Truck News

Iveco has revealed the new S-Way, its flagship heavy-duty truck that will replace the Stralis.

The new model is the first of the brand’s Way range, which it says have been designed to be more “customer-centric”.

“We want to become the Easiest-to-work-and-innovate-with Truck OEM for our suppliers and customers while tailoring our vehicles around a Driver´s life, which today is more than just the route he travels. Sustainability also entails our responsibility to make this job, which is crucial for our society, a more attractive and enjoyable one… which goes beyond just adding leather and wood applications,” said Gerrit Marx, president of commercial and speciality vehicles at CNH Industrial.

The Iveco S-Way introduces a new cab entirely redesigned around the driver’s and the owner’s needs.

The new design optimises aerodynamic performance, further increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency by up to 4%.

Reductions in particulates, NOx and CO2 emissions are achieved with the HI-SCR after-treatment system and Smart EGR.

There is also a Natural Power version, which runs on LNG with near-zero CO2 emissions.

Features such as the multi-piece bumper help to reduce repair costs, as only the affected part needs to be replaced in the event of damage.

An advanced Connectivity Box collects, processes and exchanges data in real-time. It works off a service platform developed in partnership with Microsoft that provides safe data storage and management. Owners and drivers are constantly connected with the vehicle on their mobile device or PC through the MyIveco portal and app.

According to the brand, the Way range is the culmination of a product innovation cycle set to address the key trends driving the transport industry: a blurring of the lines separating the vehicle and the services around it, the advanced connectivity, the need to attract and keep highly skilled professional drivers, and increasingly demanding requirements in sustainability.

Matt De Prez

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